Doctor’s Orders: Medical Mistress Mia.. Divinebitches 2018 Mia Little High Heels, Corporal Punishment


That is Mia Littles Physicians Office and she’ll be admired. When she walks in the room, your attention is demanded by this busty asian beauty. Dressed in her white doctors coat and stethoscope she’s ready to diagnose what is this new comer that is ailing. Welcome Styx into The handsome and hung man is having a little problem with senses. Maybe he pulled on something? Maybe he just needs to tests his limits. Dr. Mia has not time for his sass however and has her patient stripped down to his robe and begins running tests. First we need to recreate the problem, was Styx rigid and tough as a rock when he was feeling sensations in his region? Can prostate is difficulty. Mia strokes his cock. This makes Styx screaming with joy. Maybe a tiny pain may help figure out the issues. His cock is firmly slapped by mia. Punches his dick and stretches out his balls. This makes dripping precum and Styx even tougher. This man slut wants a strong girl to tell him exactly what he desires. Styx screams over and over again, begging to cum and release his load. Mia denies him over and over again, forcing him to a breakdown of enjoyment. Can caning his thighs make him tougher? Can slapping his ass work? Mia runs all the test wearing her black glasses before strapping on a cock and delivering a fuck. This beautiful doctor adds additional stimulation by revealing her big breasts and pulling her top off. Styx cant get a lot of Mias anal while at complete restrictive rope bondage. Styx should learn to please a strong woman and is designed to eat Mias perfect tight pussy while she spits throughout his weak face. She catches her heels and contains Styx worship her feet again. While completely bound will Styx be able to provide pleasure to his mistress? Mia showers her individual clean, after cuming repeatedly again. As a public service reminder, even for people that have prostates please get them checked out regularly by your doctors!

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