Gassed and Ruined 2018 Jasmine Bikini, Hirsute


Miss Jasmine is spit on her cock, and she strokes him lovingly. This is not a man. ItaEUR(tm).s a slave. Soon, she raises her arm, places the pit on his forehead, and demands that he wash her. He slaps her face, demanding long and eager licks. She says, “AEURoeI think it’s time we had more spitaEUR.” He opens his mouth to spit in the liquid before returning to his normal routine of cleaning her armpits. Jasmine seducely strokes his cock again, and spits on it as a lubricant. Which kind of slave do you want to be? Are you willing to take his place? Or do you prefer to be the least of his slaves, and be forced to sucking his cock as he kisses Miss Jasmine. He is now covered in her kisses and she continues to stroke his cock.

Jasmine is breath-takingly still on her face, and now she ignores his sick jokes. He is a fighter for her air. He climbs up and she spits in his mouth again. She then begins to slap him. She continues to rub his face as she speaks, before spitting again on his cock and stroking it. He then grabs a flogger to start punishing his nipples. Now she decides to let him cum, and she strokes his head while sitting down on his back. He gasps as she blows one in the face, but his cock is erecter. He is encouraged to stroke her vigorously, and she tells him that he can shoot for her. He suddenly feels the urge to have an orgasm. His rock-hard cock makes it hard for him. As he screams in excruciation, Jasmine abruptly takes her hand. ItaEUR(tm),s an orgasm that has been ruined as a long shot of cum sprays through the room. Slave should not expect to cum, and it shouldn’t be the way a man would.

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