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Jessie has just arrived at the gym, and needs to bring his Prince Albert with him before he does his work out. HeA is having trouble doing this today, and it seems dangerous. Alejandro sees HeA in need of a helping hand and is happy to assist him. HeA is very curious about the PA, having never been up close to one. Alejandro is so close that the metal gets in his mouth. He begins to play with his tongue and sucking the metal. Jessie enjoys the feeling of AlejandroA‚Äôs tongue moving around the metal and his top. JessieA is very sensitive to the piercing, so they remove it and go on with bigger and more enjoyable pleasures. Jessie reaches over Alejandro and slips into his tight sex. Alejandro would not have fit, but it’s okay with Jessie. He is already feeling the full weight of Jessie. As the pair release pre-workout load, they end their slow movements with thrusts and body movements in an epic finale.

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